Trend Micro Named Best Company To Work For In Taiwan

Trend Micro prides itself on caring first about people – both in our external mission and internally with our employees. As this issue is close to the hearts of our executives, we are always very proud to be recognized by related awards.

The HR Asia Awards Taiwan recently named Trend Micro as one of their Best Companies to Work for in Asia in 2019.

Throughout nine countries, including Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, HR Asia invited employees anonymously to assess their company based on corporate culture, personal experience and feelings to get a sense of corporate culture and identity.

As the results came in, Trend Micro averaged a higher score than any company and is awarded the Best Company to Work for in Taiwan. Winning this respectful award helps demonstrate Trend Micro as an open and adaptive corporate culture that works continuously to keep employees satisfied.

Stephy Ko, Director of Trend Micro Human Resources, reflects on the award saying, “establishing a cultural fit with new candidates is key to Trend Micro’s talent management.” When making the right selection for a new hire to come onboard, in addition to technical capabilities for the respective job, we focus heavily on their potential development within our corporate vision.

Winning Model

At Trend Micro, we focus on a formula for hiring and maintaining great people. The Performance = Potential – Interference Index is effectively carried out as Trend Micro believes that each individual has unlimited growth potential and self-governance.

To reflect this, it is important that management policies allow employees to “Be The Best Part of Yourself” by minimizing any obstacles that may be in the way of their development.

To ensure everyone’s voice is heard, Trend Micro has a check-in system that allows employees to share their own thoughts, called the World Café discussion model. The World Café discussion model generates various ideas and allows acceptance of the different opinions.

In addition, a separate Time Machine exercise lets employees reflect on difficult situations or doubts around the team’s direction directly to their management. This not only lets concerns be heard and discussed, but forces the management team to react immediately.

These exercises not only take place within the Taipei office management team, but stems from the very top with our CEO, Eva Chen. She is always passionate about new technical advancements and paying attention to customers’ feedback, but she also attends internal meetings to personally explain the company’s future and goals to increase understanding, cross department cooperation and resource integration.

What Employees Are Saying

Here are some statements about Trend Micro Taiwan based on employee feedback:

Open, diverse, and inclusive team spirit: Trend Micro encourages cross-department cooperation, along with supporting employees who desire to gain new skills or certifications. Questions from the survey related to hearing and responding to employee feedback also received higher than average scores.

Autonomous, active, and high recognition from employees: Trend Micro employees believe that they are working in a healthy corporate environment in which the company will lead them to achieve a greater future. Employees are confident that the company will provide any support they need for them to reach corporate goals, therefore they are willing to recommend Trend Micro as the Best Enterprise to others.

Mutual trust, assistance, and respect among teams: Trend Micro received high scores in each of the following sections, which lead to higher than the average scores, including encouraging employees to voice their opinions, trusting peers will provide assistance, fulfilling responsibilities, understanding teamwork, and respecting that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.

We are proud to receive this award as it reflects how our employees talk about our company and how they feel about being a Trender.

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