An email banning our staff from using TikTok? Haha, funny story about that, we didn’t mean it – Amazon

Shock TikTok block clocked, unblocked as poppycock amid media aftershock Amazon today said an internal email banning its staff from using TikTok on smartphones connected to their corporate inboxes was sent in “error.” The admission – or climb down, depending on how skeptical you are – came after the memo was obtained and leaked by journalists.… READ MORE HERE…

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Juniper targets security portfolio at SASE race

The conga line around secure-access service edge (SASE), continues to grow with Juniper this week becoming the latest to join the dance.Just as other big networking players with extensive security portfolios including Cisco and VMware have recently done, Juniper says it will build off its offerings to address the SASE blueprint.
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As defined by Gartner in 2019, SASE features a wide variety of components that Juniper summarized and includes:To read this article in full, please click here READ MORE HERE…

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