This Week in Security News: Zippy’s and Flynn

Welcome to our weekly roundup, where we share what you need to know about the cybersecurity news and events that happened over the past few days. This week, Hawaii-based restaurant Zippy’s suffered a POS data breach. In addition, Uber executive John Flynn argued that user expectations on data protection are rising, but consumers still aren’t implementing the right precautions for their own data safety.

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State-of-the-Art Security: The Role of Technology in the Journey to GDPR Compliance

As we’ve discussed over the last 7 weeks in our video case study series, the GDPR impacts many different areas of our company, including our employees, customers, and partners.

PROTECTING YOUR PRIVACY – Part 1: The Privacy Risks of Social Networks and Online Browsing

Most Americans today spend many of their waking hours online. In fact, we’re up to spending an average of five hours per day just on our mobiles.

What HIPAA and Other Compliance Teaches Us About the Reality of GDPR

The date for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance is three months away, yet many organizations, especially those outside Europe, remain unprepared

PROTECTING YOUR PRIVACY – Part 2: How to Maximize Your Privacy on Social Media and in Your Browser

You can manually configure your Privacy Settings on sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. However, no two sites are the same, and some are easier than others to navigate. 

Securing the Connected Industrial World with Trend Micro

At Trend Micro we’ve made it our business over the past 30 years to anticipate where technology is taking the world. That’s why our message has evolved over that time from Peace of Mind Computing to Your Internet Firewall and most recently Securing Your Journey to the Cloud.

FacexWorm Targets Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms, Abuses Facebook Messenger for Propagation

Trend Micro’s Cyber Safety Solutions team identified a malicious Chrome extension we named FacexWorm, which uses a miscellany of techniques to target cryptocurrency trading platforms accessed on an affected browser and propagates via Facebook Messenger.  

How cryptocurrency is shaping today’s threat environment

Cryptocurrency has exploded as a popular way to support digital transactions. Since its creation, users have discovered an array of different ways to leverage cryptocurrency, including within mining strategies and digital wallets. 

Cryptocurrency-Mining Malware Targeting IoT, Being Offered in the Underground

Cryptocurrencies have been generating much buzz of late. While some governments are at work to regulate transactions involving them, there are others that want to stop mining activities related to them altogether.  

Legitimate Application AnyDesk Bundled with New Ransomware Variant

Trend Micro recently discovered a new ransomware (Detected as RANSOM_BLACKHEART.THDBCAH), which drops and executes the legitimate tool known as AnyDesk alongside its malicious payload.  

Zippy’s Restaurants Suffers POS Data Breach

Zippy’s Restaurants’ point-of-sale system was compromised for four months, exposing customer data.

ASEAN Cybersecurity in the Spotlight Under Singapore’s Chairmanship

At ASEAN Summit 2018 in Singapore, the strong focus on cybersecurity reflected regional and international attention to growing cyber threats in Southeast Asia.

Almost Half of UK Businesses Suffered Cyberattack or Security Breach Last Year, Figures Show

The 2018 Cyber Security Breaches Survey found 19 percent of charities and 43 percent of businesses in the UK had reported cyber security breaches or attacks in the last year.

Commentary: States Are Getting Tough on Data Security—but That Might Be a Problem

The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal shines a light on the need for more regulation protecting data; more than 240 bills were introduced in 42 states last year covering a range of security issues.

Uber Security Head Says Users Need to Care More About Data After Breach

At the 2018 Collision Tech Conference, John Flynn relayed that user expectations on data protection are rising, but customers still aren’t taking the right actions to protect their personal information. 

Alexa Can Listen Indefinitely, Potentially Exploited to Transcribe Information to Cybercriminals

Researchers discovered a new internet of things (IoT) design flaw in a popular smart home system: They found that Amazon’s Alexa service can be programmed to eavesdropon its users and transcribe all the information heard.  

Securing the Internet of Things Through Effective Regulation

According to a survey done by Gartner, almost 20 percent of organizations have observed at least one IoT-based attack in the last three years.

As cities get high-tech, hackers become more dangerous

Remember when a major U.S. city’s computer infrastructure was hacked, and held ransom, by a group of cyber criminals?

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