TippingPoint Threat Intelligence and Zero-Day Coverage – Week of April 30, 2018

When I was little, I discovered the joy of jumping on the bed. While it was fun to jump on the bed, I wanted to make it more challenging so I started to imitate the ski jumpers I had seen during the 1976 Winter Olympics and jump from my parents’ dresser to the bed. I quickly found out there’s a reason why many TV shows and events will start out with the message “don’t try this at home.” I ended up in the emergency room with a fractured left arm.

While there are many that will say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, it can result in unintended consequences. Earlier this week, Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) researcher Simon Zuckerbraun published a blog detailing how copying and pasting code samples from even well-known websites could introduce vulnerabilities. While online resources may seem helpful, developers need to carefully review the sample code and understand the security risk involved. You can read more on this topic in Simon’s blog here: Running with Scissors: The Dangers of Cutting and Pasting Sample Code.

Drupal Vulnerability Exploited in the Wild

Last week, a Drupal core vulnerability was announced with the advice to patch as soon as possible as it was being exploited in the wild. This vulnerability allows a remote attacker to execute code on a Drupal website through multiple attack vectors. We released CSW filters last Thursday to protect customers with TippingPoint devices. Those have now been replaced with the following filter that was released in this week’s DV filter package:

• 31461: HTTP: Drupal Core Multiple Subsystems Hash Fragment Identifier Input Validation Vulnerability

Customers with other Trend Micro solutions can check available protections here. 

Zero-Day Filters

There is one new zero-day filter covering one vendor in this week’s Digital Vaccine (DV) package. A number of existing filters in this week’s DV package were modified to update the filter description, update specific filter deployment recommendation, increase filter accuracy and/or optimize performance. You can browse the list of published advisories and upcoming advisories on the Zero Day Initiative website. You can also follow the Zero Day Initiative on Twitter @thezdi and on their blog.

Microsoft (1)

• 31451: HTTP: Microsoft VBScript Engine Sub Class_Terminate Class Event Usage

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