Risk Decisions in an Imperfect World

Risk decisions are the foundation of information security. Sadly, they are also one of the most often misunderstood parts of information security.

This is bad enough on its own but can sink any effort at education as an organization moves towards a DevOps philosophy.

To properly evaluate the risk of an event, two components are required:

  1. An assessment of the impact of the event
  2. The likelihood of the event

Unfortunately, teams—and humans in general—are reasonably good at the first part and unreasonably bad at the second.

This is a problem.

It’s a problem that is amplified when security starts to integration with teams in a DevOps environment. Originally presented as part of AllTheTalks.online, this talk examines the ins and outs of risk decisions and how we can start to work on improving how our teams handle them.

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