More and more organizations are falling to ransomware – will you be next?

Webcast It’s been “the year of ransomware” for about the past three years. And while you may be tired of hearing about the trend and just getting used to the reality, you may also like to remember: instances of attacks are climbing – quickly – and we’re now reaching a level where more than half of ransomware schemes result in a business paying out.

As with any commercialized form of criminality, the attacks are becoming more sophisticated. Ransomware is moving from opportunistic, mass-mailing attacks to carefully curated, targeted approaches led by phishing. The variety of exploits, encryption, and general propagation techniques used by the malware is escalating.

Combinations of automated delivery mechanisms, manual hacking and espionage, and social engineering tactics are coming together to create devastating attacks that catch corporations large and small off guard. As infections become more forceful, harder to detect until it’s too late, and more personally focused, the fear grows that more and more vital organizations will be hit. Utility companies, schools, internet service providers, police departments, and more, are now clear and legitimate targets, and all at a real risk.

Our next webcast, on May 21, 2020, at 12PM PDT / 3PM EDT, digs deep into these issues. The Register’s Tim Phillips is joined by Roger Grimes from ransomware experts KnowBe4, to start helping you devise strategies to protect yourself and your company from this most heinous of digital invasions.

The conversation will discuss how ransomware is growing in complexity and sophistication, exactly how the malware will penetrate your technological and human defenses, and what happens to your data as an infection spreads. You’ll be informed how merely backing up your data isn’t enough for some ransomware strains, which increasingly are taking down entire corporate infrastructures, where once they simply encrypted critical files on employee workstations.

Moreover, this webcast – brought to you by KnowBe4 – will teach you key ways in which you can become more aware of the dangers, begin locking down your systems, and begin to seriously protect yourself from ransomware.

This type of attack isn’t going away any time soon, so it’s best to start preparing for the worst.

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