Modernizing your network security strategy

From the global pandemic to recent cyberattacks, our world has faced many challenges during the past 12 months. Some of these challenges we can’t change. However, I’m pleased about the ones we can, and are changing across the cybersecurity landscape. For example, to facilitate remote work and maintain business continuity, organizations are moving more of their apps to the cloud and delivering SaaS experiences.

We know, however, that cybercriminals are taking advantage of this shift. We have seen them increase DDoS attacks, ransomware, and phishing campaigns. So how do you, as a cybersecurity professional help your organization facilitate remote work while strengthening security, reliability, and performance?

The first step is to examine your organization’s security strategy and adopt a Zero Trust approach.

Join me and Sinead O’Donovan, Director of Program Management for Azure Security, in the next Azure Security Experts Series on February 18, 2021, from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM Pacific Time, as we’re going to focus on another important aspect of Zero Trust network security.

There, we’ll step through three strategies using the cloud-native network security services like Azure Front Door and Azure Firewall to perform:

  • Segmentation: This includes apps and virtual network segmentation which aims to reduce the attack surface and prevent attackers from moving laterally.
  • Encryption: Enforcing encryption on the communication channel between user-to-app or app-to-app with industry standards like TLS/SSL.
  • Threat protection: Employing threat intelligence to help minimize risk from the most sophisticated attacks like bots and malware.

You’ll have the opportunity to take deep dives and see demos on how to use Azure network security cloud-native services for:

  • Application security and acceleration: Utilize new integrated services like Azure Web Application Firewall and CDN technology to provide app security, scalability, and resiliency.
  • Advanced cloud network threat protection: Apply advanced firewall capabilities for highly sensitive and regulated environments.

In just one hour, you’ll learn new networking strategies, improve your app security and performance, use cutting-edge network threat protection, and stay ahead of a constantly evolving threat landscape.

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