Microsoft Intelligent Security Association expands to include managed security service providers

We’d planned a splashy party at Microsoft Inspire to announce our newest Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) members and introduce them to association members, but given our world today, I am instead picturing you reading this announcement curled up in a chair with a cup of coffee. Almost as satisfying, right?

Welcoming Managed Security Service Providers to MISA

Two years ago, we launched MISA to offer our customers holistic solutions that help them better defend against a world of increasing threats. Our vision was to build a robust security ecosystem that included leading security technology companies that provide value to our joint customers. We began by partnering with independent software vendors that have integrated their solutions with Microsoft. Since launch, MISA has expanded significantly—in just the last year, membership increased from 57 members to 133!

Through MISA, we’ve been able to collaborate with some of the most innovative security companies in the world, but our joint customers also need security services that are deeply interwoven with MISA software solutions. To meet this demand, MISA is launching an invitation-only pilot program in July 2020 for select managed security service providers (MSSPs).

Today we’re happy to bring a win-win-win offering by enabling MSSPs and managed detection and response partners to sell and deploy not just Microsoft’s security solutions but more importantly our joint solutions with our independent software vendor partners.”  – Eran Barak, Principle PM Manager, Microsoft Threat Protection.

By including MSSPs in the program, our joint customers will benefit from security consultants with deep expertise in MISA solutions, enabling them to get the most out of their investments. The expansion also creates more opportunities for security organizations to work together on the creative solutions we will need to confront an evolving threat landscape.

“MISA members are the cybersecurity industry leaders, unified by the common goal of helping secure our customers by offering their own valuable expertise and making the association more effective as it expands.”– Mandana Javaheri, Global Director of Cybersecurity Solutions Group at Microsoft Corp.

I am proud of the work that MISA has accomplished to date and look forward to partnering with our newest members to help our joint customers better safeguard their organizations. Please join me in welcoming the following MSSPs to MISA:


MISA service offering: Azure Sentinel

Accenture Security helps organizations prepare, protect, detect, respond and recover along across the entire Microsoft Security portfolio across the full security lifecycle. Learn more.


MISA service offering: Azure Sentinel, Azure Security Center

Ascent Solutions’ risk-based defense strategy aligns your priorities with the right technology, processes, and route map to make your business more secure today. And because cybersecurity is at the heart of everything we do, we also help you defend against the right attack vectors and combat malicious actors to better protect your businesses into the future. Learn more.


MISA service offering: Azure Sentinel

From enabling a modern workplace, to protecting your applications in the cloud, Avanade provides a holistic approach to security at every step. Learn more. 


MISA service offering: Azure Sentinel, Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (Microsoft Defender ATP)

BlueVoyant provides managed detection and response (MDR) services utilizing Azure Sentinel, a cloud-native security information and event manager (SIEM), and Microsoft Threat Protection, an integrated platform that unifies best-in-class products that include Microsoft Defender ATP, Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, Azure Advanced Threat Protection, and Microsoft Cloud Application Security. Learn more.

Born in the Cloud

MISA service offering: Azure Sentinel, Azure Security Center

Born In The Cloud leverages Azure Security services including Azure Sentinel and machine learning algorithms to monitor your environment and make sense of the data faster than any human can, allowing us to respond to threats quickly. We also manage Windows 10, Office 365, Microsoft Defender ATP and Microsoft Endpoint Manager for you, to help keep devices, data, and identities safe. All built on Azure Cloud. Learn more.


MISA service offering: Azure Sentinel

One of the few local service providers in managed security services, BT Consulting uses cutting edge technology to monitor firewalls and manage endpoint security. Learn more.

Critical Start

MISA service offering: Microsoft Defender ATP, Azure Sentinel

CRITICALSTART enables customers to centralize, ingest, and correlate their logs to ensure their environment is secure. CRITICALSTART’s MDR utilizes a Trusted Behavior Registry to investigate every alert generated until they are classified as a known good and can be safely resolved. Customers see every action our CYBERSOC analysts take since our platform provides transparency across the entire process. Learn more.


MISA service offering: Azure Sentinel

Cyberproof monitors your security alerts and suspicious events, collected from multiple internal and external customer data sources including Microsoft Azure Sentinel SIEM. Threats are detected as they emerge in critical cloud and on-premises infrastructure. Learn more.


MISA service offering: Microsoft Defender ATP, Azure ATP

At Dell, security is a priority – a part of every conversation; it connects our team members, customers, processes and technologies. Dell’s Security and Trust Center provides easy access to resources and solutions to help you quickly find answers to your security questions. Learn more.


MISA service offering: Microsoft Defender ATP, Azure Sentinel

The combination of the Expel Workbench™ and Expel analysts monitor your environment 24×7 to provide transparent managed security that finds attackers and gives you the answers to help you kick them out and keep them out. Learn more.


MISA service offering: Microsoft Defender ATP, Azure Security Center

EY provides day-to-day resilience as well as a proactive, pragmatic, and strategic approach that considers risk and security from the onset. This is Security by Design. Rather than avoiding risk altogether, Security by Design is about enabling trust in systems, designs, and data so that organizations can take on more risk, lead transformational change, and innovate with confidence. EY Next-generation security operations and response teams can provide organizations with the right amount of support to help them manage leading-class security operations in a programmatic way.  Learn more.


MISA service offering: Microsoft Defender ATP

Fishtech is the leading current generation cybersecurity services provider for enabling secure and successful business transformation. Data-driven and born in the cloud, Fishtech provides the people, processes, and technology to minimize risk, maintain compliance, and increase business efficiency. Our human-led, machine-driven security-as-a-service division, CYDERES, helps organizations manage cybersecurity risks, detect threats, and respond to security incidents in real-time. Learn more.


MISA service offering: Azure Active Directory, Azure Sentinel

Infosys CyberSecurity offers a flexible managed security services model that empowers organizations with people, processes, and technology to secure their critical assets and data. With our quality services, we help protect your data and infrastructure with the latest technology and certified professionals, while adhering to the latest industry-specific compliance standards. Learn more.


MISA service offering: Azure Sentinel

Insight Services for Azure Sentinel help you take advantage of cutting-edge technology from Microsoft to strengthen and simplify your security environment. During an engagement, our consultants address all major areas of your SOC, including new tools or processes that would be beneficial to adopt. Learn more.


MISA service offering: Azure Sentinel

The new Azure Sentinel and the Fusion capabilities empower Inspark to help keep our customers safe for the future. Our Cloud Security Center incorporates Azure Sentinel and the Microsoft Security Graph into our solution to better protect our customers. Learn more.


MISA service offering: Azure Sentinel

The KPMG + Azure Sentinel solution has been designed to help businesses improve their security monitoring and incident response capabilities by combining KPMG’s cybersecurity, incident response, and industry experience with Microsoft’s advanced cybersecurity technologies. Learn more.

Open Systems

MISA service offering: Azure Sentinel

Open Systems designed a scalable MDR platform that helps detect threats early to limit the damage. It combines human knowhow, advanced automated threat detection, and the best sensor technology. In addition, a cloud-scale SIEM built on Microsoft Azure Sentinel ensures smooth logfile integration from your existing security controls and other sources of relevant data. Learn more.

Optiv Security

MISA service offering: Microsoft Defender ATP, Azure Sentinel, Azure Active Directory

Optiv Security is a security solutions integrator that enables clients to reduce risk by taking a strategic approach to cybersecurity. Align your security program to achieve specific business outcomes with our full suite of service capabilities, from strategy to technology—and everything in between. Our managed security services provide vetted on-staff vulnerability and security researchers and multiple operations centers to support your organization every moment, of every day, so you can refocus your existing IT staff on core business needs. Learn more.


MISA service offering: Microsoft Defender ATP

As a leading cybersecurity consulting company, Truesec offers a wide range of services including security health checks, security engineering, and penetration testing, all provided by cyber security specialists. Our managed service will give your organization the capability to detect and respond quickly to cyberattacks. Our success is based on a combination of extraordinary cyber experts, the most advanced tools in the market today, and by investing in truly understanding the specifics of our client’s IT environments. Learn more.


MISA service offering:  Microsoft Defender ATP, Azure Sentinel

Trustwave Threat Detection and Response Services for Microsoft Azure uses Microsoft Security Graph API to ingest data from Microsoft Azure Sentinel and Microsoft Defender ATP to provide real-time triage, analysis, investigation, response, and remediation of security threats. Learn more.


MISA service offering: Azure Active Directory, Azure Sentinel

Wipro provides end-to-end security solutions and services for business to enterprise, partners and consumers through Microsoft security stacks. Learn more

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