Accelerating Security Risk Management

A recent survey with Trend Micro™ Research has releveled that 39% of organizations believe the biggest challenge in managing the digital attack surface is keeping up to date with constant change. The new docuseries, Accelerating You – Inside the World of Cybersecurity, provides a candid first-person look into the specific needs and challenges faced by individuals and organizations at the front line of cybersecurity.

Host Mike Milner delivers an insider’s look into how your peers are addressing a cybercriminal cartel that’s become highly coordinated and sophisticated. With cybercrime estimated to be worth $8 trillion US today and projected to reach $10 trillion by 2025, Milner demonstrates why recognizing the pillars accelerating security risk management is key to growing and adapting cybersecurity as a business enabler.

Resilience to grow uninterrupted.

Your SOC team needs to quickly recover from disruptions or attacks. Databank CISO Mark Houpt speaks about the importance accelerating resilience plays in his field of datacenter, cloud, and interconnection services. The first step to resilience is to come to terms with the reality that new technology brings new threats. Intrusion prevention is an integral part of their infrastructure, allowing each member of his team to achieve their business goals without external friction. Houpt’s strategy of putting the right systems in place beforehand creates resiliency and allows Databank and their customers to grow without interruption from a breach.

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Agility to build without limits.

Accelerating agility starts with your organization’s capacity to respond quickly and effectively to changing conditions. John Buhl, Director of Cloud, Platform, and Security for healthcare AI and utilization management firm Xsolis, discusses the importance of building a system centered on agility and a culture that incentivizes people to adopt change. Buhl describes agility as an organization’s willingness to pivot if the needs of the client or industry shifts. His focus on shifting security left and building security into the development lifecycle process is imperative to moving fast without letting cybersecurity bottleneck your business and slow your team down.

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Foresight that fuels confidence.

As a security leader, you understand that accelerating foresight starts with your ability to anticipate future trends and challenges and to prepare accordingly. Mark Houpt talks about how his team can navigate a complex world filled with ever-changing cyber threats and cites risk assessment as an important practice in recognizing cyber threats. He cites the process of instilling a third-party to script a simulated a cyberattack on his business as a way for teams to strategize through a real-world incident. For Houpt, cultivating foresight is vital to mitigating risks.

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Innovation that unlocks the new.

Your employees possess the ability to accelerate innovation by using technology to generate new value for the world. Bridgestone Americas CISO Tom Corridon looks towards the future by making sustainability development a priority. Through their involvement with the E8 Mission, Bridgestone is providing value for the customer as well as their community at large. Corridon looks at innovations in cybersecurity as an opportunity to make a change internally and benefit the company externally. Using cybersecurity audit evaluations as an example, organizations can uncover flaws and recognize ways to move faster, save money, and retain customer trust.

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Visibility that delivers focus.

Your board’s ability to see and understand the security posture of your organization is central to your team’s ability to protect sensitive data. John Buhl, Director of Cloud, Platform, and Security for Xsolis talks about the importance of securing healthcare records. Buhl points to employees as one of the most important vectors organizations need to protect. Ensuring all stakeholders have the information they need to understand the security posture allows Buhl and his team to communicate the company’s level of risk. This mitigates vulnerabilities across the organization, from the board to employees.

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Transformation of digital ecosystems.

Adapting and evolving to meet changing business needs is crucial to accelerating transformation. Bridgestone Americas CIO Taren Rodabaugh discusses how technology is at the center of everything the tire giant does. This includes the transformation into mobility solutions, as Bridgestone provides new digital solutions to fleets, and in return, customers. While manufacturing was the most targeted sector for ransomware cyberattacks and the most extorted industry in 2022, cybersecurity plays a major role in Bridgestone’s transformation. The pledge of excellence they deliver to their fleets and customers includes ensuring their product is delivered on time and without friction.

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