3 Major Benefits of Cloud Migration: Visibility Cloud Security Specialist

On-premises solutions put a great value into north-south traffic, but traditional methods like firewalls can’t always keep up with evolving threats. A firewall, like a motion detector on a door, may alert you to a malicious actor. But being alerted to an intruder is simply not enough to be fully protected. You need security cameras inside to help identify the criminals and their behaviours. In the cloud, visibility on east-west traffic (what’s happening within your network), in addition to north-south, is paramount to detecting threat actors before they wreak havoc.

While 52% of organizations in a SANS survey reported having high confidence in their visibility of north-south traffic, only 17% said the same about knowing what’s happening within their networks.

Let’s take a look at how to design your security strategy to maximize visibility so you can minimize vulnerabilities.

Security by design

The security by design or DevSecOps approach enables a smoother on-premises to cloud transition by encouraging collaboration between SecOps and DevOps teams to ensure security from migration to expansion that supports, instead of hinders, innovation.

Often times security is left until the end of the development and migration process. This is like performing a home inspection after you’ve bought a home without conditions. While you can fix the issues you find, you are incurring a lot of financial risk by purchasing the unknown. Similarly, developers will deploy with security as an afterthought—which leads to security teams using various point products (108 on average) to manage vulnerabilities to avoid data breaches or hefty compliance fines.

Part of encouraging more transparency and communication between teams is choosing a cloud security solution that meets the needs of IT teams and developers. The best way to achieve this is with a security services platform. Think of using a security platform like a keyring. It’s more efficient to have all your important keys on one ring, instead of having each key in a separate location. With a keyring, you can access whatever you need, whenever you need it, and add new keys as required. Likewise, a platform consolidates security services that are vital for SecOps and DevOps teams, from cloud workloads to containers, serverless applications, file storage, open source risks, cloud networks, cloud posture, and compliance.

Some security platforms can help shift security left for increased visibility into development pipelines and processes for earlier detection and response. Implementing security guardrails early in the pipeline before developers migrate to the cloud helps them hit the ground running, so they can build and deploy quickly and securely.

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