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Preventing Cybersecurity Data Breach Privacy by blocking Malware, Cryptocurrency and Ransomware with ThreatsHub Blocklists. Download Free OSINT Data-Feed with IP and Domain Blocklists to stop Malware & Ransomware Threats.

Main  Threatshub BASE database : Download Here

Database Description Link
Ads Ads or Marketing systems block list Download
Alcohol List of websites categorised for Alcohol usage and sale Download
Adult List of adult sites block list Download
Blacklist-IP Blocked Domains and IP block list Download
Drugs / Drogue List of websites categorised for Drug usage and sale Download
Gambling List of websites categorised for Gambling Download
Malware Virus infected site block list Download
Phishing List of phishing sites block list Download
Spyware Spyware and Adware websites block list Download
SSL-blacklist Blacklisted SSL block list Download
Strict Redirector Common redirector to bypass filtering with some useful, but (Potentially dangerous sites)  or cached sites in google Download
Whitelist Whitelist by Threatshub.org (only on request) Download
Archive File Compilation of all the databases described above. (th-base-blacklist.tar.gz) Download

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Threatshub.org Team

ThreatsHub Data Feed and URL Blacklists