Trend Micro Cloud One Network Security-as-a-Service

Simplifying network security in the cloud has been the primary objective of Trend Micro Cloud One – Network Security. At Trend Micro, we focus on making deployment as easy as possible for our customers. We help customers avoid re-architecture, and we don’t interfere with network traffic, so we’ve enabled customers to achieve broad and deep network layer security across entire VPCs within minutes.

Trend Micro, alongside Amazon Web Services (AWS), has worked to provide the latest in cloud-native deployment options via AWS services such as AWS Transit Gateway, AWS Gateway Load Balancer, and AWS Network Firewall. Now, together, we have been able to simplify network security even further, enabling customers to add protection across Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) without needing agents to be installed on instances. As part of our continued innovation in simplifying security for customers, Trend Micro is excited to announce the private preview of Trend Micro Cloud One – Network Security-as-a-Service available starting 12/30/2021.

This introduction of a managed service offering for Trend Micro Cloud One – Network Security provides customers with the same broad and deep protection, but without the burdens and cost of infrastructure management. Network Security will continue to be available in multiple self-deployment options, to provide builders who need additional flexibility and control over their environments.

In traditional self-deployment models, customers are responsible for the endpoints and infrastructure costs. Network Security-as-a-Service deploys managed Gateway Load Balancer (GWLB) endpoints (MGEs) into the customer environments. MGE enables Network Security to have a deeper integration with GWLB, to support deployment into customer accounts. This allows for the entire infrastructure and security bill to consolidated into one line item from Trend Micro for Network Security-as-a-Service.

The primary initial use cases will be inspecting ingress traffic, for public-facing workloads on AWS. As shown in the diagram below, with this new service, between the internet and public-facing workloads, secured traffic can be delivered without complex configuration changes. This clean traffic is routed to protect performance, and avoid latency. Network Security is backed by the industry-leading global threat intelligence of Trend Micro Research, including the Zero Day Initiative. Customers can now have all the security benefits, without the complexity of infrastructure management by using this managed, cloud-native service.

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