Time to zero in on Zero Trust?

Sponsored Post Companies the ASEAN region have long relied on a virtual private network (VPN) to help encrypt their Internet traffic and protect users’ online identities.

But the recent cyber attack reported to involve nation-state hackers actively targeting vulnerabilities in an established VPN service suggests it might be time for a rethink.

In January this year the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) was forced to issue an emergency directive urging users of Ivanti’s Connect Secure and Policy Secure Gateways to download and apply a fix to a vulnerability which allowed cyber criminals to take control of the systems.

There’s no doubt that the current post-pandemic appetite for remote and hybrid working in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and others in the ASEAN region is creating new vulnerabilities and cyber security challenges that resident CISOs have to address.

And Cloudflare believes that the historical reliance on perimeter-based security solutions such as the VPN has also left organizations on those countries with limited visibility into what’s happening on their networks and more prone to cyber risk due to configuration conflicts in distributed environments which encompass so many different systems, applications and unmanaged devices.

Adopting a Zero Trust Security model that blocks everything by default and only grants access to applications, data, services and systems authenticated users need to do their jobs can help get around those issues. And that’s exactly what Cloudflare Everywhere Security is designed to do through a unified, intelligence platform of programmable cloud-native services which implement Zero Trust security across the Internet, applications and corporate networks alike.

You can compare three different approaches to remote access security and read more about how Zero Trust network access (ZTNA) can boost it by replacing a traditional VPN in this Cloudflare white paper.

And if you want to deploy Cloudflare Zero Trust Enterprise to connect and protect any number of users within your organization for 90 days free of charge, register to download a trial of the software at this link.

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