Tile’s new QR stickers offer Bluetooth-free tracking for low-tech enthusiasts


Image: Tile

Tile has released QR code stickers designed to help you recover your lost stuff without having to give away your exact whereabouts.

Tile’s Lost and Found labels are stickers that can be attached to anything with a flat surface and can be used to reunite a lost item with its owner.

The stickers circumvent the need for a Bluetooth connection: Once you register the stickers with the Tile app, anyone who scans the QR code will be able to see your phone number and/or phone number, which they can use to (hopefully) return your lost smartphone, headphones case or coffee mug to you.

Tile’s Lost and Found labels could be a good option for people looking for more safety-conscious ways of keeping tabs on their stuff.

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Because Lost and Found stickers don’t contain any electronics, the person who found your item won’t know your location. But at the same time, you won’t be able to manually track your stuff either.

For users who want to add an extra layer of protection, Tile suggests users set up a unique email or use another phone number, like a Google Voice number, when setting up their Tile sticker. This way, whoever finds your lost possession can contact you without discovering your personal contact details.

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Earlier this year, Tile released Scan and Secure, a feature that lets users know if a Tile Bluetooth tracker is following them. Software like Scan and Secure became popular with companies that manufacture Bluetooth-enabled devices after user complaints of people using tracking devices to stalk others.  

Tile recommends these stickers for less essential items you’d prefer not to lose, but without which your life wouldn’t necessarily fall apart. 

Tile’s Lost and Found stickers are priced at $15 for three sheets, each containing five stickers, making the price per sticker $1.

In a press release, Life360 CEO Chris Hulls said: “This is the first of many steps Life360 and Tile combined are taking to make every day easier with ways to stay organized, connected with family members, and safe.”