This Week in Security News: Security and Safety on Social Media

Welcome to our weekly roundup, where we share what you need to know about the cybersecurity news and events that happened over the past few days. This week, California lawmakers passed a new online privacy bill guaranteeing more control over user data. Also, Typeform announced a breach involving the customer names, email addresses, Twitter credentials, and more.

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Summer Vacation Plans? Be Safe When Connecting!

Even a simple QR scan on your smartphone or insertion of a USB stick into your laptop can open you up to unexpected threats.

Malicious Macro Hijacks Desktop Shortcuts to Deliver Backdoor

Despite being around for decades, cybercriminals are still using malicious macro to deliver malware, albeit in more creative ways to make them more effective. The threat actors behind a recent case used macro in a more roundabout way, with a macro that searches for specific shortcut files in the user’s system, which it replaces with one that points to its downloaded malware. 

Down but Not Out: A Look Into Recent Exploit Kit Activities

Exploit kits may be down, but they’re not out. While they’re still using the same techniques that involve malvertisements or embedding links in spam and malicious or compromised websites, their latest activities are making them significant factors in the threat landscape again. 

How ransomware democratized cyber weapons, warfare

At any given moment, there are between 190-200 countries in the world. For now, nine countries have nuclear capabilities (although Israel will neither confirm nor deny). According to the Arms Control Association, there are about 14,500 nuclear warheads. Russia and the United States have 90 percent of the total arsenal. 

Big Tech Plans to Fight Back Against California’s Sweeping New Data Privacy Law

Tech companies are pushing back on the new California data privacy law that forces companies to tell consumers what personal data they store, why they’re storing and with whom they’re sharing it. 

The Safety of Your Data On Social Media

Social media can be a fantastic way to engage with various communities, stay in touch with family & friends, and to expand your perspective. Unfortunately, there are down sides as well. 

AI Tips Off Regulators to Possible EU Data Privacy Faults

Some of the world’s largest technology companies might be breaking the European Union’s new data privacy law, according to an analysis of their policies conducted by artificial intelligence software. 

Check Your Accounts: Typeform Announces Breach, Affected Organizations Pile Up

Online survey and data collection firm Typeform announced on June 27 that an unknown attacker gained access to their server and downloaded customer data backed up on June 3. 

Adidas Warns U.S. Online Shoppers to be on Alert After Data Breach

Adidas placed a warning to its millions of online U.S. shoppers that their personal information may have been accessed during a suspected data breach. 

California Lawmakers Unanimously Pass Online Privacy Bill

California lawmakers passed a new data privacy law that gives consumers more control over their data and insight into businesses’ data collection and sharing practices. 

LTE Wireless Connections Used by Billions Aren’t as Secure as We Thought

Researchers are publicly identifying weaknesses in the Long Term Evolution mobile device standard used that allow attackers to send nearby users to malicious websites and fingerprint the sites they visit. 

Linking the Enterprise to Social Media Security

Committing to social media security can mitigate some of the platform’s threats without closing off the opportunities it brings.

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