This Week in Security News: Air Canada and Cryptojacking

Welcome to our weekly roundup, where we share what you need to know about the cybersecurity news and events that happened over the past few days. This week, Air Canada reported a data breach that exposed passport details for more than 20,000 customers on their mobile app. Also, Trend Micro’s Midyear Security Roundup reported an increase in cryptojacking and a decrease in ransomware attacks.

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Cybercriminals Changing Tactics as Seen in First Half Report

Trend Micro has seen a shift from large ransomware spam campaigns to more targeted attacks using ransomware as the tool to disrupt critical business operations.

The Urpage Connection to Bahamut, Confucius and Patchwork

In the process of monitoring changes in the threat landscape, we get a clearer insight into the way threat actors work behind the schemes. 

Microsoft Windows zero-day vulnerability disclosed through Twitter

Microsoft has quickly reacted to the disclosure of a previously unknown zero-day vulnerability in the Windows operating system.

Addressing Challenges in Hybrid Cloud Security

Hybrid environments can come with risks and challenges, especially for organizations adopting DevOps.

Air Canada Reveals Mobile Data Breach, Passport Numbers Potentially Exposed

Air Canada reported a data breach involving the airline’s mobile app which may have led to the exposure of passport details for 20,000 customers.

Banks in Peru Hit by Phishing Attack Using Bitcoin Advertisements as Lure

Using phishing emails intended to lure victims via clickable links, phishing attempts were also seen in other countries, including Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the USA, and more.

Tech Industry Pursues a Federal Privacy Law, on Its Own Terms

Tech giants are lobbying government officials to outline a federal privacy law that would overrule the recent California law.

Unseen Threats, Imminent Losses

A review of the first half of 2018 shows a threat landscape that not only has familiar features, but also has morphing and uncharted facets: Ever-present threats grew while emerging ones used stealth.

Exclusive: Iran-Based Political Influence Operation – Bigger, Persistent, Global

An Iranian influence operation targeting internet users worldwide is bigger than previously identified, encompassing a network of anonymous websites and social media accounts in 11 different languages.

Supply Chain Attack Operation Red Signature Targets South Korean Organizations

Together with our colleagues at IssueMakersLab, Trend Micro uncovered Operation Red Signature, an information theft-driven supply chain attack targeting organizations in South Korea.

T-Mobile was Hit by a Data Breach Affecting Around 2 Million Customers

Hackers gained access to personal information from roughly 2 million T-Mobile customers, including the name, billing zip code, phone number, email address, account number and account type of users.

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