The Role of Sales & Channel in GDPR Compliance

As a part of our journey to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance, we have looked across our business to ensure that all the different departments, employees and products are aligned with our compliance goals and have a solid understanding of the GDPR. Sales people and channel partners are integral parts of our business, and we have considered them key parts of our journey to GDPR compliance.

As a global organization, we receive daily questions from our partners and customers about the GDPR, and we do our best to help them understand what it means for them. We have worked hard to train our sales organization and partners to be able to advise customers on how Trend Micro can be a part of their compliance journey. As a provider of state-of-the-art security, we provide solutions to address multiple security use cases, but the GDPR is more than just technology, so it’s also important that our consulting partners understand how Trend Micro solutions can help them to advise customers on their complete plan for compliance.

One critical point that we make to both our sales and channel organizations is that there is no ‘silver bullet’ for becoming GDPR compliant – organizations should look at the GDPR as a journey. Each journey will be slightly different, and it definitely will not end on May 25th, as security and regulations are continually changing, which means organizations will need to do a regular gap-analysis to stay compliant.

Watch the final video in our GDPR series to hear more from Pierre Siaut, solutions architect, on how we help our sales people and partners achieve GDPR compliance, and what we can expect from these constantly evolving regulations. 

Video Schedule

3/14 – Overview and Finance/Executive Sponsor: Learn what the GDPR is all about, and understand how executive sponsorship will help your organization and employees become prepared.

3/21 – GDPR Program Manager: See who is mapping our Journey to GDPR compliance, and find out what type of person is needed to coordinate all of the functions involved.

3/28 – Legal: The GDPR is fundamentally a legal obligation. Understand how large the role of legal is in scope, both internally and externally, and how it is involved across all aspects of the organization.

4/4 – IT Security: Hear what our IT director has to say about how the GDPR is affecting our organization, from taking a global perspective to the way we manage data privacy, to changing the way we communicate.

4/11 – Sales & Marketing: Our COO, Kevin Simzer, explains how we’re on the same journey to becoming GDPR compliant as our customers are, and what the benefits are in this process.

4/18 – HR: See how the GDPR affects our employees, and what we’ll do to ensure they have a good understanding of the regulation.

4/25 – Marketing Operations: Learn how our Marketing Operations team ensures that our customer data is protected across all external platforms.

5/2 – Products and Services: Hear from Bill McGee, SVP Cloud Security, on how we’re always evolving to deliver state-of-the-art capabilities in our products, and how we help our customers deliver their portion of the shared security responsibility of cloud environments.

5/9 – Sales and Channel Enablement: See how important it is that our existing partners understand GDPR, and how we help them find the tools needed to achieve GDPR compliance.

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