Q&A: Jeff Wilbur of the Online Trust Alliance on why enterprise IoT security is a lot like BYOD

As consumer Internet of Things (IoT) devices inevitably find their way into the workplace, IT pros need to isolate them from the rest of the enterprise network, perhaps on a network of their own, so they don’t become backdoors exploitable by attackers, according to the head of the Online Trust Alliance.

Jeff Wilbur, the director of the alliance, which is an initiative within the larger Internet Society, says that it is better to embrace employees’ IoT devices and allow them to be used safely than to ban them and risk their unauthorized, unprotected use that could undermine network security.

Similarly, industrial IoT devices deployed by businesses should be firewalled off from the broader corporate network in order to minimize risk of compromise, he said in an interview with Network World senior writer Jon Gold.

Here’s a transcript of that conversation.