Preventing Multi-layered Cybersecurity Threats Sr. Director, Solutions Marketing

Over the course of 2020, the cyber-risk profile of many global organizations rapidly evolved. Threat actors moved fast to exploit new security gaps emerging from distributed working patterns. Ransomware, exploitation of remote working infrastructure, and phishing emails updated with COVID-19 lures all threatened to overwhelm stretched IT security teams. As organizations start to look beyond the pandemic and what became the ‘new normal’, organizations need broad protection across multiple security layers.

But, with a saturated cybersecurity market and wild marketing claims everywhere, how do you know which vendor to trust? This is where independent research plays a vital role for the cybersecurity buyer. That’s why Trend Micro is delighted to have maintained its leadership position across multiple cybersecurity environments—according to some of the world’s most respected authorities.

Customers in the crosshairs
While 2020 was a year like no other, in a lot of ways the cyber-threats themselves remained fairly consistent. Thus, around 91% of the 62.6 billion threats Trend Micro recorded during 2020 were email-borne. That means phishing on a massive scale—to steal credentials, trick users into clicking on malicious links and set the stage for business email compromise (BEC). Many of these were designed to target home workers who were possibly more distracted than they would usually be in the office, more prone to engaging in risky behavior, and potentially using insecure devices and networks. 

Attacks on the smart home network more than tripled year-over-year as threat actors realized there was a new soft underbelly to corporate systems, ripe for targeting. In a similar way, unpatched vulnerabilities in virtual private networks (VPNs) and Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) servers protected by weak passwords were also ruthlessly exploited. Ransomware became near-ubiquitous, with more targeted strains using legitimate tooling to stay hidden from legacy security controls. We recorded a 34% increase in new ransomware families, as malware authors rolled out affiliate models in their droves.

As companies accelerated their digital transformation, the cloud quickly became an integral part of organizations infrastructure in 2020. The expanded infrastructure increased their attack surface, with exposure to new vulnerabilities. With the fast adoption, proper configurations and security of cloud assets and services posed a significant challenge.

Adding to the challenge of securing distributed IT infrastructure against these threats is the fact that many security and SOC teams themselves were forced to work from home. Illness and emotional stress for these practitioners isn’t just a symptom of the pandemic, it’s also being compounded by tool bloat and threat alert overload.

Adding value at every layer
A volatile threat landscape like this requires partnership with a trusted cybersecurity expert, who can provide protection across distributed endpoints, networks, cloud infrastructure, and hybrid environments. Trend Micro is proud to have received the following accolades so far in 2021:

A Leader, according to the Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Email Security, Q2 2021.
Among the 15 evaluated vendors, we scored second highest in the Current Offering category and tied for the highest score in the Strategy category. We also received the highest score (5/5) in Deployment Options, Incident Response, Support and Customer Success, Product Strategy, and Installed Base.

A Leader, according to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms.
The Gartner evaluation was based on specific criteria that analyzed our overall completeness of vision and ability to execute. In the 2021 Critical Capabilities for Endpoint Protection Platforms report, we increased our scores from last year in four of eight critical capabilities, Cloud Management, Prevention, Managed Services, and OS Support, while maintaining our position in the other four areas.

A Leader, according to the Forrester Wave: Endpoint Security Software as a Service, Q2 2021.
Recording the highest possible score in threat prevention, our Apex One endpoint security offering received a glowing review from Forrester, which described it as offering “comprehensive endpoint threat prevention, threat detection, secure configuration, attack response, and data security capabilities within a wider portfolio of security products and services.”

Trend Micro excelled in this year’s ATT&CK Evaluation performed by MITRE Engenuity.
Our Vision One threat detection and response solution detected and prevented 100% of the simulated attacks against the Linux host. Overall, it was a top 3 performer for both visibility and detection enrichment. This enables SOC analysts to better understand and investigate attacks by providing broad and extremely effective threat visibility resulting in a faster response.

Industry Leader, according to Omdia’s Quantifying the Public Vulnerability Market: 2021 Edition
Our Zero Day IntiativeTM (ZDI) disclosed 60.5% of the vulnerabilities in 2020 of the 11 vendors analysed, maintaining its position as market leader for the 13th consecutive year. Across all severity levels, ZDI had the most disclosure, with 77% of their disclosures being critical or high severity.  

Go forward with confidence
At Trend Micro, our vision is not only to build best-in-class capabilities but to offer them from a centralized platform to streamline security and compliance without tying up the time of already stretched IT professionals. At the heart of this platform, Trend Micro Vision One is a great example. Our flagship threat detection and response solution goes beyond XDR, enabling organizations to see more and respond faster. It delivers a broader perspective and deeper incident context by connecting and correlating intelligence across email, endpoints, servers, cloud workloads and networks. That means SecOps teams can prioritize alerts from across the IT environment and stop attacks earlier to minimize their impact on the organization, all from a single console.

Our cybersecurity platform simplifies security without compromising protection, allowing for easy adaptation as customers grow and change. The broad visibility and insights help security teams understand their overall security posture across environments and focus on what is most critically important. Our industry leading capabilities give customers the confidence they need to invest in digital transformation for long-term innovation and growth, as they exit the pandemic.

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