Praetorian Launches Snowcat Tool for Istio

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Privately held cybersecurity
solutions firm Praetorian Security, Inc. announces today the availability of
Snowcat, the first dedicated static analysis tool (SAST) for Istio, the world’s
leading cloud service mesh.

A service mesh is a modernized service networking layer that provides a
transparent and language-independent way to automate application network
functions. It is a popular solution for managing the different microservices
that make up a cloud-native application. According to a Cloud Native Computing
Foundation (CNCF) survey, Istio is the “dominant” service mesh for cloud
microservices, used by 47% of all organizations that have implemented a service
mesh. Istio is an open source service that is available for download on Github.

Snowcat scans an Istio deployment and reports on misconfigurations and
deviations from best practices. It is intended for use by cloud deployment
operators and cloud security professionals.

The announcement comes just two months after releasing GoKart, an open source
security scanner for GoLang. “We’re deeply committed to open source security,
and Snowcat addresses security concerns associated with the rapid adoption of
cloud, service meshes, and Istio in particular,” says Nathan Sportsman, CEO at
Praetorian. “The pace of moving workloads to the cloud continues to accelerate,
and service meshes play a value-adding role, but can’t be implemented at the
expense of security.”

Snowcat may be used across major cloud providers, though in tests of the
product’s initial version, the best performance is observed on Google’s Cloud
Platform (GCP).

As with all their open source code, Praetorian welcomes anyone who wishes to be
involved in the project. “Open source plays a critical role in solving the
cybersecurity problem. Praetorian has a long history of contributing to open
source, and I’m proud that our team is accelerating our innovation with open
source contributions.” said Richard Ford, Praetorian’s Chief Technology Officer.

Snowcat can be found on GitHub, where pull requests and new ideas are always
welcome. Praetorian is also hiring new “Open Source Developer Positions”–
contact us if you would like to contribute to Snowcat and other open source
security applications full-time.

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