How XDR can enable your enterprise

Today, many organizations use multiple, disconnected security tools to protect against threats, but this approach leads to siloed threat information and an overwhelming number of alerts. With security teams already overburdened from managing multiple solutions and sifting through alerts, enterprises need to simplify their security approach by using a platform that provides enhanced visibility and fast detection and response. Trend Micro Vision One™ delivers XDR capabilities from a single console that enables security teams to do more with less.

How XDR is helping our customers

Samer Mansour, group manager of cybersecurity & risk at Panasonic (North America), uses Trend Micro Vision One to empower his IT teams to take action against threats across multiple IT layers, all from a simple platform.

“We have different vendors and different products within our security stack,” said Mansour. “But the difference here is that the XDR platform allowed us to connect our inputs, [including] our email… where you could look at the threat from different layers and respond to it and take action.”

Mansour also noted that Trend Micro Vision One eliminates the need for his cybersecurity team to “cross borders” between the different IT organizations, allowing them to respond to threats faster.

“Having that single dashboard and [central] control that visualizes the threat patterns and the taken action on it… that’s something we’ve been asking for, for quite some time, and I think [Trend Micro] has answered it and came to the rescue,” noted Mansour.

Hear more from Mansour and how Trend Micro Vision One with XDR capabilities lessened the burden on his IT teams in our exclusive video: Panasonic Interview. Check out the benefits of our purpose-built, threat defense platform in our solution brief.

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