Extending Trend Micro’s Container Protection with Deep Security Smart Check

While DevOps is not a single person or business unit, it is a development philosophy that exists within many organizations.  DevOps teams are prime to build new applications for business growth, and help facilitate the extension of critical monolithic applications into modern architectures. A key tenant of this philosophy is microservices which is an application architecture based on a series of loosely coupled services to make applications lightweight and easier to develop, test and deploy.

InfoSec teams have found themselves trying to keep up with the rapid pace of DevOps without creating roadblocks or reducing the visibility and security controls they have come to trust across the organization.

To get ahead of these challenges, security can be implement earlier in the development workflow. This will help identify vulnerabilities before they can be exploited in production environments. To do that, security needs to be a part of the culture and development lifecycle of the organization.

Trend Micro is extending its container host protection with the launch of Deep Security Smart Check.

Smart Check delivers fully automated pre-runtime scanning of Docker container images at the registry, providing vulnerability assessment and malware detection. This ultimately shifts security sooner in the development lifecycle for extended protection prior to deployment.

Trend Micro wants to help eliminate security roadblocks, and the best way to do that is to make security invisible through automation.

Trend Micro is delivering a full suite of RESTful APIs for integration with your organization’s continuous delivery tools such as Jenkins, orchestration tools such as Chef, Puppet, and Kubernetes, and monitoring tools such as New Relic, and AWS CloudTrail.

Monolithic applications are cumbersome and less agile. With a microservice architecture, security can be applied for specific needs sooner. As part of Trend Micro’s full stack protection, Smart Check allows teams to call built-in security controls, identifying threats at first build and alleviating the need to do re-work after the fact. By helping to streamline operations, teams can reduce tool complexity and optimize application deployment across cloud, virtualization, container, datacenter and a broad range of platforms.

Smart Check compliments Deep Security’s host-based protection, a critical requirement given the constant evolving threat landscape.

With the rise of DevOps brings new sources of vulnerabilities and a greater segment of the business in need of protection.

Forged alliances between IT security and DevOps teams help improve the security posture of your organization. Security controls found in Trend Micro Deep Security deliver needed protection earlier in the CI/CD pipeline resulting in greater mitigation of vulnerabilities and malware, reducing the risk of cyber threats and leading to faster and more successful application protection and deployment.

To learn more about Trend Micro container protection visit trendmicro.com/containers.

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