European Parliament Putin Things Back Together After Cyber Attack

The European Parliament has experienced a cyber attack that started not long after it declared Russia to be a state sponsor of terrorism.

The Parliament on Wednesday passed a resolution that details Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, weighs international definitions of terrorism, and – over nine pages and 4250 words – concludes that Russia is a state sponsor of terrorism.

Not long after the resolution passed, this happened:

The president of the Parliament, Roberta Metsola, explained the incident as follows:

The attack appears to have made part of the Parliament’s website inoperable and made access impossible for a few hours.

A pro-Russian group called KILLNET appears to have claimed responsibility for the attack in this slightly NSFW Telegram post.

KILLNET is a plausible source of the attack. It is known to have used DDoS attacks on government websites – including trying to take out US government sites earlier this month.

Whatever the source, the IT team sorted things out. The Parliamentary website is once more available to the world – and the illegal invasion of Ukraine, and accompanying atrocities, continues. ®