Digital event highlights new features in Microsoft Purview

Keeping your company and customer data secure has never been more complex. With multiple clouds, legacy on-premises systems, and numerous devices, it can be hard to keep track of what data you have and where it lives. On top of that, ever-changing employee roles make managing who has access to what increasingly difficult.

To address these challenges, we need new innovations that give busy security teams effective tools to keep data protected. This is why I’m so excited about our upcoming digital event, Go Beyond Data Protection with Microsoft Purview, on February 7, 2023.

I invite you to register now to be among the first to learn about exciting new product announcements, get best practices from Microsoft leaders, including Charlie Bell, and industry experts, and ask questions in a live question-and-answer chat.

Explore brand-new Microsoft Purview capabilities

To protect a fragmented data ecosystem, many organizations have been forced to stitch together several different products from various vendors to form a complete solution. In theory, this may give you the coverage you need, but managing multiple security systems is time-consuming, and if they aren’t well integrated, you expose yourself to risks and may miss something important.

Microsoft Purview works across clouds and platforms to simplify data protection, offering a range of solutions for unified data governance, information protection, risk management, and compliance. We’ve been working hard on exciting new capabilities that use AI and machine learning to help keep your data secure using fewer resources.

Vasu Jakkal, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Security, and I will announce these innovations at the Microsoft Purview digital event, which will also include a product deep dive by Rudra Mitra, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Data Protection, Risk, and Compliance, and members of his team. Join us by registering now and saving the event to your calendar.

Secure your data with a multilayered defense

A defense-in-depth approach to data security uses multiple layers of defense to increase visibility and reduce your risk of a breach. It starts with understanding what data you have, where it lives, and who has access to it. Next, it’s critical to protect that data and identify potential risks from external threats and insiders. Using this information will help you institute policies and solutions that can ultimately prevent data loss and unauthorized access.

I’ll walk through this approach in more detail at the event, but you’ll also get an opportunity to hear Usman Abubakar Ehimeakhe, Technical Lead, EY, discuss the importance of creating a data protection strategy. I always get new ideas when I discover how other security leaders implement an approach in their organizations, and I think you’ll get a lot out of this presentation.

Get data protection insights from leaders and analysts

When your daily workload is filled with pressing issues that need attention right now, it can be hard to find time to look ahead or even just gain perspective. Let this event be an opportunity for you to put your strategic hat on. We’ve gathered thought leaders in data protection from across the industry to discuss trends and best practices for securing information in the current climate.

Microsoft leaders like Charlie Bell, Executive Vice President, Microsoft Security, and Jessica Hawk, Corporate Vice President, Data and AI Product Marketing, will talk about what we’ve learned from conversations with our customers and how those insights are helping to shape the Microsoft Purview roadmap.

You’ll also discover what guest Frank Dickson, Group Vice President, Security and Trust at IDC, is seeing in the market and his recommendations for addressing the latest challenges.

Join us at the Microsoft Purview digital event

Explore how to secure your data with a multilayered defense at Go Beyond Data Protection with Microsoft Purview.

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