Ctrl+Alt+Truth. Welcome to the future of cybercrime

Based on our Trend Micro Research report, Project 2030: Scenarios for the future of cybercrime, we bring you Project 2030 – the video series.

Rather than predicting the future of one single real-world nation, we have set all the predictions in the fictional nation- of New San Joban which gives us the scope to bring all our possible futures together in one place. What we describe is a future that, while plausible or even probable in many parts of the world, is not inevitable or even possible in all. By looking toward the future of technology through the eyes of highly acclaimed researchers and futurists, we enable enterprises to create a more nuanced, long-term strategic plan.

In New San Joban, our protagonist, Julia, navigates a world where connectivity, AI, and augmented reality impact every aspect of society. The latest generation of young adults, tabbed “Zoomers”, know nothing less than a fully connected experience that has evolved beyond simple social media. 3D printers provide food and prescriptions, wearable sensors alert you of nutritional deficiencies and medical necessities, and industrial supply chains are operated via the cloud.

Hyper-connectedness benefits not only citizens, governments, and enterprises—but also cybercriminals. The lines between fact and fiction, humans and “infini-mes” continue to blur, creating new attack vectors that can be exploited by even the most amateur cybercriminals.

The proliferation of crime-as-a-service (CaaS) provides individuals with little or no technical skills the tools to execute largescale criminal enterprises, leading to an influx of cybercriminal gangs. Coupled with AI-powered attacks, it seems like no organization is safe from an attack.

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