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In 2021, cyberattacks and instances of ransomware demands against companies, agencies, and institutions have dominated the headlines. These kinds of attacks are on the rise and often have long-reaching impacts that can spill over across supply chains. In just the first half of the year, there have been several high-profile cyberattacks in the United States including Colonial Pipeline1, JBS (the world’s largest meat supplier)2, the Washington, D.C. Police Department3, and the MTA of New York City4, to name a few.

The SolarWinds cybersecurity breach5 opened US government networks and private companies’ security systems around the world to threat actors in late 2020. This breach allowed access to confidential government data and intel before being discovered. The innovative bad actors attached their malware to a software update from SolarWinds’ Orion software in March through June of 2019, which led to tens of thousands of customers’ security being compromised. SolarWinds serves as an unfortunate example of how organizations around the world operate under the perpetual threat of becoming a target of a cyberattack or the victim of a cybercrime, even from a trusted partner.

Some believe the escalation in attacks and data breaches in the past year likely originated with new remote working environments, which exponentially increased the number of endpoints that required protection putting strain on already over-extended IT resources6.

Take a proactive approach to your security

To identify, contain, and eradicate these relentless threats properly, security operations must include effective platforms, processes, and people. With attacks on the rise and bad actors only becoming more sophisticated, security that meets the minimum is no longer effective, and organizations need to consider a more proactive approach. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is a holistic, cloud-delivered endpoint security solution that includes risk-based vulnerability management and assessment, attack surface reduction, behavior-based next-generation protection, rich APIs, and unified security management.

Microsoft security solutions have native capability designed to work cohesively to provide integrated threat detection and response capabilities, but technology alone is not enough. The benefits derived from leveraging best-in-breed tools can mean the difference in capturing a threat or letting it linger, unnoticed in your environment indefinitely. Partnering with a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) team/Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) who is a trusted Microsoft technology partner can help you operationalize these transformations and derive the most value from your existing technology investments.

Trustwave removes the complexity and burden of threat detection and response with an entire portfolio of cybersecurity solutions that work with existing Microsoft investments to fight cybercrime, protect data, and reduce risk. Knowing what to look for in your security partners is crucial, especially among the noise of an industry saturated with providers claiming to be the “best.” Search for partners that can offer:

  • All-day monitoring/notification, incident response, and remediation.
  • Data forensics and investigation response (DFIR).
  • Proactive, human-led threat hunting.

With organizations facing overwhelmed security teams and resource limitations, finding the time and staff to properly protect their environments—on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid of both—is a constant challenge. Implementing proactive endpoint detection and response (EDR) and MDR solutions can relieve your teams, prevent breaches, and appease your stakeholders. For real examples of how effective the EDR plus MDR combination can be when aligned to create a layered security posture, view Trustwave’s case study on the GoldenSpy malware or view their industry accolades showcasing the industry expertise their teams have worked to earn for the safety of organizations like yours.

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