Cohesity launches FortKnox to protect data from ransomware attacks

Data management specialist Cohesity is launching a new data isolation and recovery tool called FortKnox, in a bid to help customers protect their data from ransomware attacks.

FortKnox provides an additional layer of off-site protection for customers by keeping data in a secure ‘vault,’ with physical separation, network and management isolation to keep threat actors from accessing sensitive data.

An object lock requires a minimum of two or more people to approve critical actions, such as changes of vault policy, and access can be managed using granular role-based access control, multi-factor authentication, and encryption both in-flight and at rest.

Cohesity claims to have built in smart anomaly detection to identify ransomware attacks, alerting administrators in time to take the necessary actions to minimize impact. In the event that a ransomware attack does occur, FortKnox can quickly identify a clean copy of data and recover it to the desired location, either on-premises or in the cloud.  

“Providing off-site data isolation through this SaaS offering is another way we are helping customers combat increasingly sophisticated attacks and accelerate recovery, while also enabling SecOps and compliance teams to sleep better at night,” Brian Spanswick, chief information security officer at Cohesity said.

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