Building a Zero Trust business plan

These past six months have been a remarkable time of transformation for many IT organizations. With the forced shift to remote work, IT professionals have had to act quickly to ensure people continue working productively from home—in some cases bringing entire organizations online over a weekend. While most started by scaling existing approaches, many organizations are now turning to Zero Trust approaches to rapidly enable and secure their remote workforce.

We are committed to helping customers plan and deploy Zero Trust. Last month, we announced our Zero Trust Deployment Center, a repository of resources to help accelerate the deployment of Zero Trust across data, applications, network, identity, infrastructure, and devices.

This month, we’re excited to share the release of our Zero Trust Business Plan. This document captures lessons learned from leaders who sponsored, guided, and oversaw the adoption of Zero Trust within customers’ organizations. This document will provide guidance across the full lifecycle of your Zero Trust initiative:

  • Plan: Build a business case focused on the outcomes that are most closely aligned with your organization’s risks and strategic goals.
  • Implement: Create a multi-year strategy for your Zero Trust deployment and prioritize early actions based on business needs.
  • Measure: Track the success of your Zero Trust deployment to provide confidence that the implementation of Zero Trust provides measurable improvements.


Other resources

Check out our growing repository of resources ready to help you with Zero Trust—regardless of where you are in your journey. Our Zero Trust assessment tool is a great way to measure your overall maturity and progress to Zero Trust (including your existing capabilities). This new business plan provides a practical guide to implementing a Zero Trust framework. Our Zero Trust deployment guidance provides clear technical implementation guidance. Visit our Zero Trust page to stay up-to-date on how the latest Microsoft products, features, and resources that can help you implement Zero Trust principles in your organization.

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