Bitfi Removes Unhackable Claim From Crypto Wallet

I’m so surprised the unhackable Bitfi wallet was hacked — said no one ever. While this was not even the first time the $120 hardware wallet was hacked, it was enough for Bitfi to strike the “unhackable” claim from its website.

Bitfi wallet backer and big mouthpiece John McAfee, however, still claims the cryptocurrency wallet is unhackable and went so far as to offer $20 million to one particular hacker if he can hack McAfee’s wallet.

A month ago, McAfee upped the bounty for hacking the “unhackable” wallet from $100,000 to $250,000. That bounty, which many in the security community deemed a sham, specified that a hack counted only if someone got the coins off the “cut-down Android phone” wallet. Bitfi refused to pay researchers who did hack the device, claiming the attacks didn’t meet the bounty conditions. It wasn’t horribly surprising that Bitfit won the PwnieAward for “Lamest Vendor Response.”

Security researchers such as Pen Test Partners’ Andrew Tierney kept finding ways to hack Bitfi, and Bitfi kept finding ways to deny them the promised bounty payout.