Afternoon Cyber Tea: Peak, Plateau, or Plummet? Cyber security trends that are here to stay and how to detect and recover from ransomware attacks

The rapidity of change in the cyberthreat landscape can be daunting for today’s cyber defense teams. Just as they perfect the ability to block one attack method, adversaries change their approach. Tools like artificial intelligence and machine learning allow us to pivot quickly, however, knowing what cyber trends are real and which are hype can be the difference between success or struggle. To help you figure where to focus your resources, Kevin Beaumont joined me on Afternoon Cyber Tea.

Kevin is a thought leader on incident detection and response. His experience running Security Operations Centers (SOC) has given him great insight into both the tactics used by attackers and how to create effective cyber teams. While our discussion took place before he joined Microsoft, his insights remain of great value as we look at how current cyber trends will evolve past the pandemic.

In this episode, he shares his cyber experience on everything from the role ransomware plays in the monetization of cybercrime, to what attack vectors may Peak, Plateau, or Plummet, and which trends that are here to stay.

What’s next

In this important cyber series, I talk with cybersecurity influencers about trends shaping the threat landscape and explore the risk and promise of systems powered by AI, Internet of Things (IoT), and other emerging tech. As we work on how to help empower every person and organization on the planet achieve more, we must look at how we combine our security learnings with examining how today’s cybersecurity investments will shape our industry and impact tomorrow’s cybersecurity reality.

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