8 ways to manage an internet or security crisis

Your business is hit with a ransomware attack. Or your ecommerce site crashes. Your legacy system stops working. Or maybe your latest software release has a major bug. These are just some of the problems that ecommerce, technology and other companies experience at one time or another.

The issue is not if a problem – or crisis – occurs, but how your company handles it when it does. Manage the problem poorly, you risk losing customers, or worse. Handle a crisis promptly and professionally, you can fend off a public relations disaster and might even gain new customers.

So what steps can businesses take to mitigate and effectively manage an IT-related crisis? Here are eight suggestions.

1. Stay calm, prioritize and don’t point fingers

“During a crisis like a site outage, which has a high level of visibility, it is absolutely critical for senior IT leadership to remain calm and focused,” says Jake Bennett, CTO, POP. “Everyone on the team is under an extreme level of stress during an outage, and this can lead to mistakes. However, you need the team to perform their best at that very moment.