5 key enterprise IoT security recommendations

Not so long ago, the phrase “consumerization of IT” was on everyone’s lips. Whole publications and conferences (remember CITE, for Consumerization of IT in the Enterprise?) were created to chronicle the trend of corporations relying on products and services originally created for consumers — which was often easier to use and of higher quality than its business-oriented competitors.

Well, no one talks much about the consumerization of IT anymore… not because the trend went away, but because consumer tech has now permeated every aspect of business technology. Today, it’s just how things work — and if you ask me, that’s a good thing.

The consumerization of enterprise IoT

But now, in 2018, a variation of the concept is returning in the world of IoT, and it’s raising many of the same concerns around reliability and, especially, security.

It turns out that in addition to the “enterprise grade” Internet of Things (IoT) devices they buy, corporate IT teams also have to deal with “consumer-grade” devices that may enter the company via a variety of channels, from non-IT company purchases to staff members bringing them in on their own. Examples include smart TVs, thermostats, smart speakers, fitness trackers, video cameras … basically anything connected to the company network that isn’t a computer, a phone, or a router.