Protect your business and family from the dangers and temptations on the internet? Now you have access to a reliable filter that will prevent access to websites and downloads that don't match what you'd like your family to see Blacklists is a collection of URL lists grouped into several categories intended for the usage with content filters like SquidGuard or any other Internet content filtering and Webfilters solution, but the usage is not limited to this. Some people use the lists to include them (that is parts of them) into their Squid installation without using a redirector or other Webfilters or use them for their IPCop or IPFire installation.

  • INTERNET FILTER: Allowing in the good content you want to access, while keeping out harmful and inappropriate pages so your family can use the internet without fear of accidental exposure to undesirable material or encounters with dangerous individuals.
  • BLOCKLISTS OF SUSPECTED MALICIOUS IPS AND URLs: Blocklists of Suspected Malicious IPs and URLs. Use preset user profiles or customise settings for each family member; unlimited user profiles for each computer.

Features and Benefits

  • Verify known malicious addresses from cyber criminals and  threats Actors.
  • Detect unknown or suspicious activities emanating from China.
  • Ability to detect when internal protected assets are contacting Chinese Command and Control servers.
  • Combine Open Source threat intelligence with your premium sources
  • Access to 100+ open source intelligence feeds (OSINT)

Compare Data Feeds

Threatshub Data feeds and Blacklist are automatically generated usually daily or within the hour and with each build increases in size from submissions and input from other sites. The quality of the list improves continuously with each feedback and provides the best online URL blacklist. The blacklist does not only contain sites that are considered 'bad' but it also contains many other categories that can be used as white or grey lists.

Botnet C&C, Data Feed and URL Blacklist Features

  • Content filtering. This can be conveniently implemented to block adult sites and other unwanted content, while requiring no software on the computers and devices.
  • Malware and phishing blocking. This can be performed by the content filtering tool also, to block sites containing viruses, scams and other dangerous content.
  • Protection against botnets. This blocks communication with known botnet servers so your computer isn't taken over.
  • Advertisement blocking. This is another type of content filtering, which some DNS services specifically concentrate on.

ThreatsHub Automation Technologies

  • Web crawlers
  • BotFarm
  • Spam traps
  • Partners
  • ThreatsHub Cybersecurity Team

Base - Blacklists data feed and more

Update Frequency: 24h

IP Reputation

Malicious List

Phishing List

Adults, Drugs, Gambling URL Blacklists

Non-Commercial License

Premium - Actionable Data Feeds

Update Frequency: 1h

IP Reputation

Malicious Web/URL

Malware Hashes

Command & Control


DNS Servers Block Lists

Ransomware Block Lists

Spear Phishing URLs

Delivery Format: JSON

Commercial License provide no warranty or guarantee of the service. We can not be held responsible for the sites or URLs listed in the blacklist. The blacklist does contain sites which are wrongly categorised which is due to the bulk of the entries being collected using automated process. However we will do our best to improve the ‘remove’ list via Request Removal submissions so the incorrect categorisation will be minimised and the most common problem sites are unlikely to have a problem.    




Government and National CERTs

Government and national CERTs are eligible to access the Premium Phishing Feed at no cost. For more information or to request access, please send us an email from a domain owned by your organisation.

Nonprofit and Not-for-Profit

Nonprofit and Not-for-Profit organisations can access the Premium or Premium Plus Phishing Feed at a discounted rate. For more information, please send us an email from a domain owned by your organisation.


Disclaimer.  The License, the Data Feed and Blacklist files are under Creative Commons